Facial Treatments

Photofacial (IPL)

Reduces brown pigment and vascular changes on the face, brown pigment on the body.

Full face – $150
Hands – $100
Neck and chest – $200
Face, neck, and chest – $300
Shoulders, arms, and legs – $200

Laser Resurfacing

Reduces appearance of scars, stretch marks, closed pores, and helps reduce lines.

One area of face – $125
Full face – $300
One area of the body – $150

hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

High energy laser light that safely eliminates unwanted hair growth.

Small area
Bikini, underarms, partial abdomen, hands, fingers, feet, toes, uppercut chin – $99
Large area
Full legs, full arms, back, shoulders – $180



Minimize fine lines while boosting collagen and tightenting the surface area.

Small area
Perioral, periorbital, or forehead – $175
Large area
Full face – $400


Tempsure Envi Body

Tightens and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Thighs (back or front) – $250
Arms (back) – $250
Vaginal rejuvenation – $750


Relaxes muscle tension, reducing wrinkles.

$10 per unit

Monthly Packages

Laser hair removal, icon & tempsure treatments

Small areas – $99
Large areas – $179

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